Registered Valuers deal with issues such as:
How much a company's assets are worth - for stock floatation, acquisition or disposal;
How much rent should be charged on commercial, industrial and residential property;
Whether a home is good value.
They are experts in property markets, land and property values, valuation procedures, construction methods and property law, and have a wide knowledge of planning and the effects of services on the value of property. They may act for the vendor or the purchaser, the landlord or the tenant.

They visit different properties to evaluate their potential, for instance: is an office block in a good location for public transport routes and parking? How will the construction of a by-pass affect the surrounding properties? Can a listed building be redeveloped?

Undertaking the valuation and appraisal of property, whether for individuals, companies or for institutional clients, constitutes an important service we at the Azmi Group provide. The variety of instructions received is an indication of the growing necessity for independent professional advice where the question of property values is open to debate, such as in:

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